MOSAIC Arts Camp 2011

For the fourth summer running, Mentoring Our Students Artistically In Christ (MOSAIC) arts camp proudly invites young artists to glorify God through imaginative innovation. A unique worship experience, MOSAIC allows children, grades 1 through 7, the opportunity to learn about and praise our Father through aesthetic creation. Hosted by First Baptist Church, the week-long day-camp event also allows local kids and their families a chance to experience the warmth and inviting spirit of FBC.

Welcoming numerous specialists from a variety of creative arenas to instruct the budding artists, MOSAIC looks forward to yet another successful year. Alongside the highly-qualified instructors and volunteers, campers can participate in pottery making, singing, creative writing, dance, drama, photography, guitar, scrap booking, sculpting and quilting. Boasting an expansive list of inventive options, the MOSAIC staff feels sure students will enjoy cultivating current artistic passions, or exploring new creative routes.

Because of an exciting partnership with The Northeast Georgian Newspaper, campers will be able to display their work and preserve their week's memories in print. Also, a stimulating FBC Sunday morning worship experience is currently in the works, providing further opportunity for students to exhibit finished products and discuss blessed MOSAIC experiences.

Featuring a Folk Art theme, this summer's camp emphasizes the relationship between cultural heritage and Christianity. The practiced, sacred traditions of Christian believers suggest that worship is part of a holy heritage, and this idea will be built upon throughout the course of MOSAIC. As campers grow and develop in understanding all types of Folk Art, deeper relationships with our Savior will also be ignited.

As the MOSAIC staff looks forward to a cherished week within the FBC and Northeast Georgia communities, they also solicit the help of those passionate about children, art, and faith. Expecting over 100 campers this 2011 year, MOSAIC would greatly benefit from additional leaders and Christian role models. Appreciating any time or talents available to offer, MOSAIC promises a week of inspiration to all campers and volunteers.

MOSAIC will take place June 20th through 24th. If you'd like to sign up a child for or if you're interested in assisting with MOSAIC, please contact Donna Trotter at 706.499.3528 or mdb@windstream.net.
Macy Marie Sirmans
University of Georgia - Mass Media Arts Major

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