6th Annual MOSAIC Arts Camp

 Mosaic Camp at the First Baptist Church in Cornelia has become one of the most popular summer activities around.  Attracting those gifted in art and those who just want to explore art through fun activities, the camp hosted over 200 children last year.  Presented in a Christian setting with Christian themes, children learn about Jesus through artful exposures including paper crafts, skits, interpretative movement, music, poetry, pottery, drama, photography, folk art such as weaving and quilting, cake decorating, hand bells, painting and more.
Led by volunteers from the church and community, instructors are trained experts in what they are presenting.  Former and current art, dance, music and other teachers are part of the staff who make this camp such a wonderful attraction and experience. 
Children who are K through second grade enjoy dance, art, music, and drama devotional classes.  Children third through sixth grades choose from 17 different options as outlined above. 

In its sixth year and growing each year, the camp will be June 24-28, 8:45 a.m. until 12:45 p.m., at the First Baptist Church in Cornelia.  More information or pre-registration is required by calling the church office at 7 06-778-4412 or completing a form from the church website,www.fbccornelia.org.  A fee of $25 includes supplies.   


Faith makes us sure of what we hope for and gives us proof of what we cannot see. It was their faith that made our ancestors pleasing to God. Hebrews 11:1-2 (CEV)

Next Monday, MOSAIC 2011 begins! This year's camp will be the biggest and most exciting First Baptist Church has ever sponsored. MOSAIC exists to Mentor Our Students (throughout the region) Artistically In Christ. Our passion is to help our campers build their artistic capacities and expressions, as well as grow their faith in Jesus. This year's theme, Celebrating Our Heritage Of Faith, will focus on the above passage from Hebrews 11:1-2. Our campers will learn about faith through scripture and explore faith artistically. The integration of faith and the arts grows an authentic faith not only in children, but also adults.

This year, First Baptist Church will celebrate the integration of faith and the arts and the culmination of MOSAIC 2011, by hosting our campers and their families on MOSAIC Sunday – a worship experience and arts museum - on Sunday, June 26 at 10:55 AM. MOSAIC Sunday will provide several exciting opportunities for our campers, their families and our church. First, our campers will have the opportunity to give their gifts back to God as an act of worship. The morning worship service will highlight all the efforts of our campers, especially the performing arts. Second, our camper’s families and the community will have the opportunity to experience the Spirit of God moving within the Family of Faith called First Baptist Church as we extend ourselves in hospitality. Finally, First Baptist Church will have the opportunity to catch a larger glimpse of the work and ministry of MOSAIC on kids and families in our region.

MOSAIC Sunday will be full, wild, enthusiastic, fun, and Spirit filled as the children of MOSAIC lead us into the presence of God through their gifts and talents. After worship, everyone will be invited to stay and view the MOSAIC art museum which will fill our church facilities. Along with the museum, we will provide a light lunch for the church, campers and their families in the MOSAIC Museum Café in the gymnasium. I hope you will make all efforts to attend this exciting art and worship community event.

As everyone around here knows – none of these exciting things happen without the efforts of all of us. To make MOSAIC 2011 and MOSAIC Sunday successful, please start praying now for the campers and families who will attend. Take the opportunity to invite your neighbors or friends to attend MOSAIC Sunday and be inspired by the gifts of children to praise the Lord. Look for ways of to serve during the camp or on Sunday. Finally, I hope you will find some way to be a blessing to a child or family during the week. As we do these things, MOSAIC 2011 will be successful and along the way we will be blessed!

See you Sunday.
Pastor Eric


MOSAIC Arts Camp by Macy Sirmans

This magnificent brick building where we meet for worship,
Ben Brook’s kitchen of mouth-watering smells,
The playground out back – filled with giggles and play,
A towering steeple, withstanding, it prevails.

Murals and posters adorning kids’ church walls,
The Youth Sunday School room – wall painted blue,
Our gym and fellowship hall for community fun,
Mary Turner’s fabulous high-heeled shoes.

The garden, the rainbow, the stable, the cross,
All creatures – great and small,
Inspired, created, molded, and made,
By God – the artist of us all.

Just as he inspired the beauty all around,
Four years ago, he ignited a start,
For the opportunity to teach his majesty to children,
Through various mediums of the arts.

Propelled by his grace and abounding miracles,
Aspects of his unique plan,
Members of First Baptist and Habersham County,
Came together, and MOSAIC Arts Camp began!

MOSAIC has been a blessing for the Christian community,
Sweet memories our hearts carry in tow,
Celebrating four years of MOSAIC in only a month,
Get ready – it’s time for the show!

Premised around the heritage of Christian believers,
Works of art spreading God’s loving beams,
We study generations of the past while we create the present,
“Folk Art” is this summer camp’s theme.

As in past years, we offer artistic options,
For MOSAIC masters and budding Monet’s,
The week of MOSAIC will expand the young mind,
As scholars walk closer to God each camp day.

Pottery, singing, creative writing,
Dance, drama, guitar,
Photography, scrapbooking, sculpting and quilting,
MOSAIC’s curriculum certainly breeches far!

Though we boast valued instructors with knowledge abounding,
Understanding art of all ranges and sorts,
We still solicit the assistance of fellow believers,
We need your gifts, your trust, your support.

Enroll your passionate artist in this blessed event,
Donate to provide for a camper in need,
Commit your time as a MOSAIC mentor or helper,
FBC – we have young spirits to feed!

If you are, or have been, a MOSAIC instructor,
If you’ve decided just now to lend a helping hand,
If you’re a past, present, or future camper,
Your witness is the cause for which you stand!


MOSAIC Arts Camp 2011

For the fourth summer running, Mentoring Our Students Artistically In Christ (MOSAIC) arts camp proudly invites young artists to glorify God through imaginative innovation. A unique worship experience, MOSAIC allows children, grades 1 through 7, the opportunity to learn about and praise our Father through aesthetic creation. Hosted by First Baptist Church, the week-long day-camp event also allows local kids and their families a chance to experience the warmth and inviting spirit of FBC.

Welcoming numerous specialists from a variety of creative arenas to instruct the budding artists, MOSAIC looks forward to yet another successful year. Alongside the highly-qualified instructors and volunteers, campers can participate in pottery making, singing, creative writing, dance, drama, photography, guitar, scrap booking, sculpting and quilting. Boasting an expansive list of inventive options, the MOSAIC staff feels sure students will enjoy cultivating current artistic passions, or exploring new creative routes.

Because of an exciting partnership with The Northeast Georgian Newspaper, campers will be able to display their work and preserve their week's memories in print. Also, a stimulating FBC Sunday morning worship experience is currently in the works, providing further opportunity for students to exhibit finished products and discuss blessed MOSAIC experiences.

Featuring a Folk Art theme, this summer's camp emphasizes the relationship between cultural heritage and Christianity. The practiced, sacred traditions of Christian believers suggest that worship is part of a holy heritage, and this idea will be built upon throughout the course of MOSAIC. As campers grow and develop in understanding all types of Folk Art, deeper relationships with our Savior will also be ignited.

As the MOSAIC staff looks forward to a cherished week within the FBC and Northeast Georgia communities, they also solicit the help of those passionate about children, art, and faith. Expecting over 100 campers this 2011 year, MOSAIC would greatly benefit from additional leaders and Christian role models. Appreciating any time or talents available to offer, MOSAIC promises a week of inspiration to all campers and volunteers.

MOSAIC will take place June 20th through 24th. If you'd like to sign up a child for or if you're interested in assisting with MOSAIC, please contact Donna Trotter at 706.499.3528 or mdb@windstream.net.
Macy Marie Sirmans
University of Georgia - Mass Media Arts Major


Don’t Miss FBC’s 3rd Annual MOSAIC Arts Camp

Summer is almost here and First Baptist Church of Cornelia is putting the finishing touches on its’ 3rd Annual MOSAIC Arts Camp. Camp director, Donna Trotter and her committee have been hard at work finalizing the details, adding new classes, sculpting and scrapbooking. as well as adding secondary classes for returning students in the areas of dance, photography, guitar, and art.

Local artist, Nicole Turner and FBC member, Sarah Higgins will be joining the MOSAIC staff this year. Turner began her sculpting career in France, returning to North Georgia where she is represented by Center Gallery. She will be working with found objects such as, rope, sticks, milk jugs, rocks, wood scraps, etc, to help the children create their own masterpieces. Higgins has been chronicling her memories in scrapbooks for the last 9 years. She is a wife and mother of two as well as being a very active church member. In addition to everything else, she has been the web designer for a couple of local companies. She will be helping the children to create an “All About Me” album where the children will be able to show off their individuality, personalities and lives through the art of scrapbooking. Trotter is very excited to have Turner and Higgins on board this summer and she hopes to have their continued involvement in future MOSAIC camps.

In addition to the many adult volunteers that will be helping, MOSAIC staff will be enlisting the help of student volunteers. These student volunteers will be assisting instructors, monitoring class changes and helping staff with many other activities throughout the week. FBC will also be hosting an Art Auction on May 23rd. The auction will feature local artists, baked goods, homemade crafts and plants. All proceeds from the auction will be used in to support the 2010 MOSAIC Arts Camp.

The anagram MOSAIC stands for Mentoring Our Students Artistically In Christ, and this is just what the staff and volunteers intend on doing. They are happy to be a part of the children’s understanding of the art world and to, hopefully, inspire these young people to be more creative in life. With the theme for the week being God of Wonders, camp will be focusing on the natural beauty of God’s earth and the wonders of the galaxy beyond. At the end of the week parents and family are invited to view the many projects and performances that the children have worked on throughout the week in the ‘MOSAIC Arts Galaxy’ and in the ‘Cosmic Theatre’. This is always a fun event and a great end to week filled with creativity, imagination, fellowship and fun.

Camp is open to students entering 1st -7th grades and will be held June 21st-25th with drop off at 8:45am and pick up at 12:45pm. Cost of the camp is just $25 and with scholarships available, no child will be turned away. Deadline for registration is June 11th and anyone interested can get in touch with Donna Trotter at 706-778-4412 or visit the above links where you can find registration forms and all camp information. Class sizes are limited so please don’t let your child miss out on this wonderful opportunity to enrich their artistic minds and to grow in the beauty of God’s glory.